How configure two extension number with same number?

i need to configure two phone for two user with same extension number.

Department A
Extension 10 user 110
Extension 11 user 111
Extension 12 user 112
Department B
Extension 10 user 210
Extension 11 user 211
Extension 12 user 212

When Department A call Department B, it can dial 8xx When Department B call Department A it can dial 8xx

How i can make this?
In gui if i insert extension for department B i have this error
Extension number already in use by …
I have try to change Context in extension but i have same error…

You cannot have two same exact extensions on FreePBX.

You can probably write a custom dialplan to achieve this

If you set the extensions as a PJSIP extension, they can both register simultaneously using the same extension/secret, but any calls to the extensions will ring both simultaneously.
They can, however independently answer the call or make calls without affecting the other.

You’re asking for a Multi tenant setup which is not supported. You might be able to simulate this with custom dialplan, but it will be more trouble than it’s worth, just create different extensions.

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Would creating a Ring Group achieve this and make the extensions members?

No, we need to have a simil “multi tenant”.
We need to have same DN in department, and any department have to call other with prefix

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