How? Click-to-Call

Hi Team. I’m trying to embed a function to my (private) website where a button (Click-to-Call) will send the call to my 1 IP phone. I’m new to these and I just installed a FreeBPX from a docker. (FreePBX15 and Asterisk 17). Is this possible? If yes, is it possible to implement it without installing any extension on a browser?

There’s no team, or to put it another way, you can become part of the “team”, by answering questions.

The best option is probably for your cgi-bin to use AMI Originate. Typically channel is Local/<extension>@from-internal; Context is from-internal; Extension is the number to call; and Priority is 1. The other way is with call files.

With a bit of perseverance, Google should return examples.

Thanks @david55. Appreciated :+1:

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