How change variable in extensions_additional.conf

I would like to change the value of the MIXMON_DIR variable from empty to a directory on my machine. Based on the comment header this file will be overwritten by FreePBX.

So how / where would I change the MIXMON_DIR variable? (My goal is to change the location of recordings). I’m running FreePBX 12.0.66

You will need to display and override your readonly settings in the advanced settings page.

That directory will need to be RW for the asterisk user.

I tried that (enable override) but I don’t see any new option appear relating directory for recordings / mixmonitor. Are you sure an option for recording directory is available with FreePBX 12.0.66 ?

After doing what I advised I would find “Override Call Recording Location” (control F in most browsers) on that page, did you not so do?

I don’t have any such setting (on the Settings | Advanced Settings page) after enabling the override readonly settings option.

I added the line “MIXMON_DIR = /data/recordings/” as a workaround for now but I’m not sure if that is the right solution

Does it still say “no” for those options?, you might actually need to commit your changes :slight_smile:

I didn’t realize display & override were separate options…now I see it thanks!

They are actually on two different lines hence should be considered “different” :smile: , but glad you got there.