How can we allow only 10 call for 1 extension belongs to ring group?


I need to set the limit for individual extension to receive 10 call per day in ring group.
So how can we configure extension in free pbx. can any one help me.

thanks in advance.

You will need to write a custom context that understands your requirements, as well as your definition of “per day”.

Using a Ring Group for this will make it harder. Consider using a queue with dynamic agents and use the “queue logout” function to remove them from the queue.

thanks for your reply…

As you suggested use “queue logout” function to remove user from queue but my requirement to set the limit on user extension i.e. if agent with extension number 2222 allow to answered 10 call for day or it may increase also then he will not able to receive call for current day, not logged out from queue.
so can you help me on this.

I understand the requirement, but I don’t understand why you’d do it. Do you have an example of how you would use this?

There are many problems that you’ll need to solve, not the least of them is “when does ‘per day’ start?”. How are you planning on increasing it? It is increased per extension, or is it system-wide? Is this 10 calls per day “in or out” or is it “10 calls in” or “10 calls out”?

I can help you explore the requirements and some technology, but I’m not going to write you a system for free.

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