How can I verify that --- /usr/bin/mpg123 -- is actually running mpg123?

Is there some way of verifying that the mpg123 streaming command is actually running the mpg123 API?
In addition could the streaming port be identified along with the data packets being received, decoded, and sent to the MOH API for use by a phone that is on “HOLD”?
Last, is there a way to see the stream being sent to a phone on “HOLD”

I most certainly am not a Linux guy. I have limited knowledge to get around in the folders, files, and applications.
Debugging the process at the program module level would extremely difficult for me. I really need some simple pointers or tests I can run to verify everything is running as required. I have set up multiple test configurations of *.wav, *.mp3, and port selections with no audio output to the hand sets. I can get *.wav files to play to MOH, so I am reasonably confident the MOH API is up and running. I have no clue on the activity of the mpg123 API.

I have verified that mpg123 is in the system, I am just at a loss on how to know why I have no audio output.
My streaming statement is as follows.
"/usr/bin/mpg123 -q -s --mono -r 8000 -f 8192 -b 1024 http://10 .1 .3 .250 :3030"
I have tried it with and without the port “3030” in the string.
My configuration is Rev13 with 13.0.6 of MOH update and 13.0.1RC1.17