How can I setup star codes to apply announcements

Hi all,

New to the whole PBX configuration stuff but recently had a need to brush up on the subject.

I’ve previously worked in an environment where a message could be placed on a phone system by dialing a code into a phone. For example in a fire alarm situation a manager or member of staff dial 999 and it would automatically divert all calls and place a recorded message on the phone system.

I’m currently looking to do the same thing with FreePBX accept I would like to be dial a number and apply a recorded message that plays after the caller has selected a certain option on the IVR. This could be applied at will by dialing a * code. For example, called presses option 1 for sales and the phone rings normally and sales answer. Caller presses 2 for support and they get a recorded message, they then continue to hold and the phone is answered.

I may add to it later so that the rather than once group taking the call, the system changes the routing as well so that all phones get the call. Basically I’m looking for away that if we are aware of a situation where a lot of calls will be coming in we can quickly apply a recorded message to one group so that if the caller is calling for the department in question i.e support then they receive a message telling them that there is a problem and they may have to wait awhile to get through but if they ring a unrelated department i.e sales then they are none the wiser. However if there are no issues then there are no messages applied and every call follows the normal routing and no messages other than the standard IVR options are played.

Thanks in advance for any help/ advice.


Hello, Ian the Raptor!

Call Flow Control sounds like what you want (Applications > Call Flow Control)

I’d set it up so that in your main IVR, 2 for IT goes to the call flow control, and then that toggle goes to IT Normal and IT Panic IVRs :smile:

Let me know if you get stuck!

You should look at Page Pro and Park Pro for some of the funtionality you are looking for.