How can I setup multiple CID for outbound dialing with multiple trunks from 1 phone and 1 extension

Here is a bit of a back story and our current configuration

  • We are a small office with 3 businesses funneling into 1 office.

  • We have 1 person who receives inbound calls for all 3 businesses.

  • We have 3 separate trunks - 1 for each business

  • We have both a local and a toll-free DID for each of the 3 businesses

  • We have setup the Inbound Routes for all DIDs to have a Caller ID prefix so we know who is calling in and how to answer the phone.

Here is what we are trying to accomplish

  • We want to be able to do outbound dialing from this 1 phone using any of the 3 businesses as the CID
  • We do NOT want to assign multiple extension to this 1 phone. We’ve read suggestions from others on the forum and elsewhere that it was a possible solution, but honestly it seems silly to have 3 extensions assigned to one phone. We want to do this right and future proof our setup.
  • We do not know what our options really are at this point. Our trunk provider is Twilio using their Elastic SIP Trunks.
  • We have registered all of our desired outbound CID with them so we are approved to change the CID for a particular trunk when making outbound calls (I saw others mentioning this was a possible problem for them, so we went ahead and cleared this up already)

What is the best way to set this up? We have a 3 line Cisco SPA 303 phone.

Thank you :slight_smile:

I’ve discovered I can accomplish with a set of dial patterns. Basically requiring the primary business 1 not to dial any prefix. Business 2 dials an 8 and business 3 dials a 9. That coupled with overriding the trunk CID with the toll-free CID allows us to ensure that all outbound calls get the correct CID.

As seen in this screen shot -

But I am curious if there are other “better” recommended solutions for this.

i suspect your solution is the most common one used. we have a customer that has a central office where they answer and place calls for a number of wineries and that is exactly how we did the outbound calling.

There is also an elegant commercial (paid) module that will do this:

Since you have 3 lines on your phone, why not set up 3 extensions, one for each of the businesses. Then use that line/ext to call out. You can also display the name of each business on the phone’s screen. For simplicity’s sake, have the incoming calls come in on the same extension the employee will use for outgoing calls.