How can i set a call limit on freepbx

please tell me
how can i set call limit for Extension, i mean my Extension only call 500 mint then stop. i have a only outbound route
or any module for call acounting

please tell me if posible

Your question has not been answered for the following reasons:

[] The question is barely intelligible
] Several current threads exist on this topic
[*] The question has been answered at least 100 times before

I think he’s asking if there’s a way to set a limit on the number of minutes an extension can make calls over a period of time.

There is no way to enfore such a limit in FreePBX. Your VOIP provider might have a way to enforce such limits, especially if you must pay in advance for outgoing minutes.

FreePBX 2.9 has an option to set the maximum number of concurrent calls from each extension, but I don’t think that is what you are asking about.

If that is what he is asking for a2billing is the answer.

yes mr AdHominem,
you are wright i need in freepbx every extension count my call with call cost.
a2billing is for that but i find in freepbx,