How can I send caller ID of forwarded call number to Pushover or similar

One of the problems of forwarding a call to a cellphone is that I don’t know what is the calling number so I was wondering how can I do to forward that information to a webhook of Pushover or Telegram

By default on call forwarding or follow me we send the caller ID of the person who called into the PBX. If that is not what you are seeing and you have your trunk in FreePBX to allow any CID than your carrier of your trunks is replacing the caller ID.

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Ask your provider if “Clip no Screening” is enabled for your trunk.

Also ask them if you have to send pai or sendrpid only.

Otherwhise it wont work.

Some providers ask for a agreement that you are responsible if you show probided caller ids with your trunk and after that they enable this feature.

Thats how it works in europe/Austria by the most providers.

But the key feature is called “Clip no Screening”