How can I see historical call volume

Hi, I just got my bill from OpenCNAM and we had a 3 fold increase in CID queries in February. I would like to double check this against call volume on my fpbx but i don’t see anywhere that would give me these stats.

does anyone know of a way to get call volume per day/week/month etc?

thanks in advance

Check your cache timeout

Jared, thanks for the reply. You made me realize i don’t know what I am talking about…LOL. in admin/callerid lookup services, i had opencnam defined but i had cache disabled…so i enabled that.
then i looked in admin/cid superfecta and saw that opencnam was not enabled there at all…so i enabled it. i checked the superfecta cache setting and it is set to default 120 days.

i guess i don’t understand what each of those 2 config sections does and how they are different, maybe someone could explain?

but i am sure that having cache disabled in my callerid lookup services was not a good idea.

Which one you are using depends on your inbound route settings.
In this example, I am using Superfecta.

Jared, I have whats listed in admin/callerid lookup sources. what is the difference between that and admin/cid superfecta? I do not have superfecta lookup enabled on the inbound routes

I don’t use that because I never saw where it had a cache back in the day. So I just always used the Superfecta.

It does have a cache column in the database, but I never went back to use it or looked at the code, so I’ve not tested it.

yes, it does have cache settings now…

Maybe someone from sangoma could explain the difference between cid superfecta and callerid lookup???

The two modules have essentially the same job, match a CID name to a CID number. Where CID lookup has 4-5 potential lookup sources, Superfecta has dozens. Superfecta has other features such as spam scoring and ability to send CID notifications that are not supported in CID Lookup.

Lorne, so, would you say that it is preferred to use superfeta over cid lookup? why have both, seems like cid lookup should just go away?

It’s a consequence of the way the Superfecta module was developed. Going back 10ish years or so, the Superfecta module required CallerID Lookup as a dependency. This proved to be problematic for reasons I don’t fully remember, so Superfecta was updated to remove this dependency, and hook the inbound route directly in the form you see today.

Pick the one that works for you, and ignore the other.

lorne, thanks for the insight.

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To answer your original questions, there is a module called asternic reports that might help. It’s a separate download, so it will throw warnings in freepbx, but it might work. It’s old and based on flash, so ymmv.

Mulderlr, thanks for the tip, i will check it out

Not saying don’t, but it seems to me we’ve seen many messages about how much this doesn’t work any more. If it was me, I’d start with the Asternic Source code and try building something new. For that matter, there are probably a couple of other projects on GitHub that might be a place to start.

Dave, good to know, i will look at github, do you have any recommendations?

came up first. Might be a good start for you.

Dave, i just read through this, a lot of talk of writing a report module…but looks like it was never followed up on.

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