How can I route a call to a DID to an external number?

First, let me say that I am a real newbie at this. I have installed piaf and am using FreePBX using Teliax for outgoing calls. So far, after much trial and error, it’s mostly working well. I would like to set up so that when a particular DID is called, the call is always routed directly to an external landline or cell number, and I just have not been able to make it work. I have set up an extension and an inbound route for that particular DID, even tried adding a ring group with a single number, but it still goes directly to IVR. I think the CID that’s being reported is not that of the DID, but of the number which is calling the DID. If someone is kind enough to help me with this, I will greatly appreciate it, and I’m sure there will huge rewards in the afterlife…

a CID is Caller ID, i.e the number of the person calling you. DID is direct inward dialing. That means that when you dial this number it goes directly to a specific location.

First off you need to verify what the DID format is that your trunk provider is giving you. Some give 4 digits, 7 digits, 10 digits, etc… and you need to match that exactly. You can then either put that DID into the DID of a extension, or in your case you want to create a inbound route with that DID and point it at the custom_extension, ring group, etc.

So when creating a inbound route do not put anything in the CID field as that will mean any for the CID.

There are a couple of ways to do it…

Does the ring group work when it is dialed directly?

Do DIDS route correctly for other purposes?

The CID (Caller ID) is the number that is calling. The DID is the number that the caller dialed. If you’re routing by DID you should have “ANY” in the CID field.

Finally…using a call group with a single number is a valid way of solving your problem. I probably have 50 numbers set up that way.
Another way you might set it up is to set up a custom extension (I’d use the last 4 numbers of the proposed DID for the extension number)…with nothing in the dial string, then use “Follow-Me” to point to the outside number.
Set confirm in Follow me to on.
Remove the dummy extension number from the follow-me list, leaving only the outside number appended with a # sign
Set the initial ring time to 0 and the ring time to whatever works. 30 Seconds seems about right.

You may then point the “destination if no answer” to a wherever is appropriate.

Point an inbound route to the dummy extension.

Now, when a call comes in on that DID, it will immediately ring the outside number. When the person at the outside line answers, they will hear the message" You have an incoming call. Press 1 to accept or 2 to decline." This will let them know that a call is coming into the business line so they may answer appropriately. If they press 2 to decline the call it will be sent to the “no answer” destination

Hope this info helps.


Thanks so much. I’ll learn this stuff eventually, I hope, and this forum helps a lot! I’ll be trying some more stuff, and I’ll no doubt be back. I look forward to the day that I can help some other newbie.