How can i make my asterisk autoanswer all incoming calls?

Hello FreePBX forums , i wanna create a rule that auto-accept all incoming calls and redirect them to a specific IVR menu . Can someone pls explain me how could i do that? The most important thing is the auto-accept calls.

Extra questions:

My sip trunk apears to be ONLINE , but no channel in use , could that be a SIP problem?

My UCP Daemon Node keeps killing himself , im starting it with ‘‘fwconsole start ucp -vvv’’ and still closes himself after a few seconds

Set Forced Answer in the Advanced tab for the incoming route.

Assuming you mean that you aren’t receiving any calls…

That is consistent with the trunk requiring registration, but your not having enabled registration. If you think you are registration, provide logging for that. You may also need to ask the provider.

It could also be because the provider isn’t sending from the address which you have associated with the trunk.

Versions are important, as are how it was installed, and the SIP channel driver in use.

What SIP Trunk providers are good ? where i can find them

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