How can I limit the amount of time a person can leave a voicemail message for?

Hello All,

I see a voicemail hit 750M on one of the servers, so I checked through the different settings via the web gui but found nothing allowing me to control how many minutes a person can leave a voicemail for before disconnecting the call.

Any suggestions?


Yet another post with no version info.

I must implore to everyone that we can’t help with Asterisk and FreePBX version numbers.

Do you have the voice mail admin module loaded?

Sorry Skyking, I was on the quick with that post.
Running FreePBX ( ISO ).

I do have voicemail admin and now that you say it, I realize I usually go in there and look at the default screen and overlook what I would consider to be “sub menus” like the one that says “settings” ( blindness ).

I see maxmessage, which I believe is measured in seconds as well as maxsecs which both seem the same. Are they?


Yes, they are in seconds. That would not be a bad addition to the tool tips

I also think maybe creating a standard 2nd level menu would be good for the interface so that any applications that have additional fetures would have them with a standard look and feel.


Both have the same hint (“Max message time length”). Is one scheduled to be “phased out” or is there something that differentiates one from the other? If both are defined, which takes precedence? I have the following warnings in my logs (FreePBX; Asterisk 1.8.5): “[Oct 19 14:38:10] WARNING[16769] app_voicemail.c: Option ‘maxmessage’ has been deprecated in favor of ‘maxsecs’. Please make that change in your voicemail config.” Sooooo, I tried updating all extensions via “Bulk Extensions” in the Advanced Administration module.

Unfortunately, since updating EPM a few weeks ago to, Bulk Extension updates have been rendered useless. The CSV file uploads and returns the report that the extensions have been edited, however after applying config changes, and looking at one of the extensions that should have been edited, there has been no change. Logs show:

[Oct 19 14:51:37] WARNING[17503] chan_iax2.c: Error opening firmware directory ‘/var/lib/asterisk/firmware/iax’: No such file or directory
[Oct 19 14:51:37] NOTICE[17503] iax2-provision.c: No IAX provisioning configuration found, IAX provisioning disabled.
[Oct 19 14:51:37] VERBOSE[17503] loader.c: – Reloading module ‘’ (CLI Aliases)
[Oct 19 14:51:37] ERROR[17503] res_clialiases.c: res_clialiases configuration file ‘cli_aliases.conf’ not found

I’ve been looking here on the forum and on the Tickets to see if anyone else is experiencing this or I am just the “chosen one.” Another side effect of the update was that all the Optional Destinations on my extensions were set to Ring Groups and Time Conditions (no clue as to how it decided to set which extensions to groups, as they vary, and which were set to Time Conditions…very random). Again, I found no posts of any kind regarding to any bugs tied to the latest update other than the time zone being reset to Africa. But, correcting that did not resolve any of it.

If you hear or come across anything, I’m greatful for the tip!