How can I install FreePBX on exixting Centos 7 Instalation

So, I have a 24GB RAM and 4vCore VPS on OVH, it has installed Centos 7, and it have some things already, like Wordpress sites, with Apache, PHP, MariaDB, etc…

My question is how can i install FreePBX on this exixting Centos 7 installation, without have to wipe my mariadb server, because in the wiki says that i have to don’t Setup a password to mariadb, which i already have.

So can i install in this circunstances?
Is it not recommended? or is it?


Actually , I believe the wiki only suggests that you don’t set up a password because it will be easier for you, BUT if you have, then you should notice that the install script can be called WITH your installed root username/password

./install_amp --help

to get you straight.