How can I have a static call for each extension?

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How can I have a static call for each extensions I have on my local network. I try to connect on the ucp but this platform give me only the information about one extension. I want static for all the extensions I have my local network. How can I do that ? Do you know some free module, that I can install on freepbx ?

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Please explain

If you mean that you want each extension on your LAN to have a static private IP address, then you can either set up your DHCP server (usually in your router) to assign fixed addresses, or you can configure each device (manually or with a provisioning file) to have a static IP address (on the correct subnet but not conflicting with DHCP assignments).

Otherwise, please explain what you want.

I want a interface where I can see the number of call each extensions have make by months/days/years

with some statics of calls. I don’t know where I can find that on freePBX.

Statistics, not statics.

CDR reports under the Reports tab.

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Or in user management you can add all extension CDR permissions to your account, so you’ll see each extension individually.

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Yes @eneeld, Statitics of call. Thank

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