How can I get the PBX to "play ringing to the caller"?

I am running FreePBX 2.9. I am trying to do something that I think is relatively simple. How can get the system to the ringing sound to the caller while they wait for the extension to answer?

You are right. I did this from the Follow-Me option on the extension rather than directly in the extension. I never noticed that before.

But it works. Enable Follow-Me then enter your own extension in the box and select Ring in the Play Music on Hold option.

There might be somewhere else that does what you want but I’m not seeing it either.

Let me see if I understand your issue. A person phones in and calls say, extension 202. You want them to hear a ringing sound instead of playing music while the person being called phone is ringing, like would happen with an old traditional phone. Have I got that right?

If so just set the “Play Music On Hold?” to “Ring” from the drop down box in the extension.

I must be blind. I don’t see a setting for play music on hold in the extension. I see a ‘music on hold’ setting in the ‘inbound route’. My only options there are ‘default’, ‘moh’ and ‘none’. Can you point to where this is?