How can I forward an incoming call to external mobile number?

My colleague has an extension in PBX with yealink phone and there was a request to forward all calls on this extension to an external mobile number.
I read through posts in this forum but none of them works in FreePBX

Can somebody help me please?

Enable Follow me on that extension and add his mobile number# ( with # behind number.) it will fwd calls to his mobile.


I have already tried it. it doesn’t work.

If I forward a internal call from internal extension to mobile. that works. but If call an internal extension with mobile forwarding (Follow me, unconditional forwarding, No answer, etc) from an external number that doesn’t work.

Add FIXED CID Value as your company number in extension and check.

I added FIXED CID of our company number
Automatic voice says: The number you have dialed is not in service.
I tested the mobile number I can call it from an internal extension.

we resloved the same issue.

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share zoom id, i can check

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