How can I forward a fax?

I am new with freepbx, I want to ask for help. how can i have an incoming fax by an extension forward it to a fax number in twilio?

I already have a sip trunk configured with twilio and I also have an inbound route and I need to do: A fax enters a twilio number, it is sent to freepbx, in freepbx it must take that fax and send it to another number in twilio, what should I do?

You can almost certainly do this directly with Twilio instead of putting a PBX in the middle. To do this with FreePBX, create a MIsc Destination with the fax number you need, then create an inbound route for the fax DID pointing to the Misc Destination.

ok, can you help me, how i can send a fax through freepbx to a fax number?

Is there a problem with the method I outlined? Perhaps I don’t understand the request here.

with this the fax will be sent to the number outside of freepbx?

I already tried it, create a misc destination with the destination fax number in the dial, create the inbound route with the extension through which the fax will arrive,
add the mic destination in the destination and it was not sent

There are instructions here on how to share a call trace using pastebin:

ok, thanks, i will check it

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