How can I disable the file ownership check for call recordings?

Due to the way our archival storage works, file ownership for call recordings that are more than a month old changes from asterisk:asterisk to archivist:manager and permissions are set to read-only. But, of course, when we reboot the server, the file ownership check detects this “invalid” information and attempts to change ownership on every file–thus making boot time about two hours (we have hundreds of thousands of call recordings).

How can I disable file ownership checking for files in /var/spool/asterisk/monitor/* during amportal start/restart, etc.?


I suggest three steps

1 read amportal,
2 realize you have to modify your freepbx_engine script,
3 know what the ramifications are.

Thank you! I had read and had dutifully reviewed every .conf file I could find looking for the answer. I found the relevant lines of script–yay!