How can I disable the call parking announcement?

Is there a way that we can disable the playback of the park extension over the voice channel when parking a call?

We have a system where the users have requested that we disable this. It appears as a screen alert on the digium phones and they are fine with that, but don’t want the audio readout.

If someone could direct me to an option that I am missing, or give me some clues as to where I might be able to hack this in the source I would greatly appreciate it.

Digium Phone Module for Asterisk Version 13.0_3.3.0
Asterisk Version: 13.14.0

Thank you in advance.


Try Admin Menu > Phone Apps > Parking >
Turn Quiet Alerts to YES

Thank you for the reply Adolfo.

I’m not sure that this will apply to our situation.

I assume that “phone apps” is the freepbx commercial module. We don’t use that. I don’t have that in my Admin menu either.

We are using the standard parking module along with the DPMA (Digium Phones Module for Asterisk). DPMA provides the phone apps for us automatically.

I do have options for the parking module in Applications > Parking, but I do not see anything that seems to be a similar option.

Thank you again for trying to help.

@lgaetz Do you know of a way to disable this announcement?

No. There is no FreePBX dialplan involved in parking, it is all Asterisk. You would need to research how to create and configure Asterisk parking lots manually by editing the file /etc/asterisk/res_parking_custom.conf. As far as I can tell there are no config options that suppress playback of the parking slot number, but I spent very little time looking. Here is a good starting spot:

From there you want to read up on parking in the wiki:

@np_pyro, have you found a way of doing this?