How can I change the menu and join message options in Conferences

I want to put the persons who enters the Admin Pin directly into the conference with no join message.

I want to put the people who enter the user PIN to hear the menu of options before I put them into the conference muted.

BTW, I think this is a pretty big hole in the conference application.

I don’t think this is doable with the current module settings.

You will need to write a custom dialplan.

I figured that can anyone give me a clue how?

The user join file is by default on your system as /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/conf-usermenu.wav

You can replace conf-adminmenu.wav in the same place with silence/1.wav

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It is the Join message I want to eliminate for the Admin only.
Users would not know about the menu without it being told of it during the Join message.
As designed the same Join is played to both Admin and users

Same general concept, you can replace the content of any file with anything you want, if you don’t like it, then change it :wink:

Personally I have never had anyone complain about them, and they are used ‘a lot’

I got complaints from Admins.
There isn’t a separate Admin Join and a User Join.
That is what I need.

The context for this should be in the extensions_default.conf file. You can replicate this into the extensionsoverride.conf file and make whatever changes you want.

If you don’t find it in the extensions_default.conf file, you can grep the conf files /etc/asterisk for conf-adminmenu.wav and you can update that context to do whatever you want the context to do.

I don’t find extensions_default.conf at all.
I looked in extensions.conf no mention of conference.
What am I missing?


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OK found the conference stuff in there but it says not to modify it, how to change?

As @cynjut says. Copy the segment you need to change to extensions_override.conf and make your changes there.

First, to enable extensions_override.conf by removing the # in front of extensions_override.conf in extensions.conf, right?

No! The # is part of the command and must be left in place. On a system with no overrides, extensions_override.conf is empty.

How could there be? A caller is a caller until nine of them pushes a button to make them not just a caller but an admin caller.

I have dedicated conference number.
The first hing the caller hears is “please enter the conference PIN number.”
That is where I want to sort and send the person(s) who enter the “Admin PIN” directly into the conference un-muted.
I want to send the persons who enter the “User PIN” to the menu which tells them how to invoke the menu by entering (*) then into the conference muted.

The user join file is by default on your system as /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/en/conf-usermenu.wav

That is not the “Join” message.

The code is all there there for you to read and re-write if you disagree with it, you have been given the howto’s to do that.

Despite a LOT of wrong information in here and some helpful I got it done.

Please share how you got it working.