How can I change my CallerID by a code?


I want match four public numbers to my extension 101 by example. And when I want to call someone with one of this number, I type a code to switch on each of these numbers.

Example: :sweat_smile:

Code 7701 to out with the number +32 02 XXX XX XX
Code 7702 to out with the number +32 03 XXX XX XX
Code 7703 to out with the number +32 04 XXX XX XX
Code 7704 to out with the number +32 05 XXX XX XX

How can I do that ?

You need to write a custom context that changes the Caller ID information in the ASTDB. Hook that to a Misc Dest and you’re golden.

There’s a paid module:

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I assume that you will dial e.g. 7701 02 234 56 78 to call someone in Brussels and you want your Brussels number 02 345 67 89 to be shown.

Set up an Outbound Route with
Route CID: 023456789 (or +3223456789), whichever your trunk requires
Override Extension: Yes
In the Dial Patterns section:
Prefix: 7701
Match Pattern: 0XXXXXXXX
(adjust as needed for mobile numbers, country code required, etc.)

You can set up your routes so when you don’t use a code, calls to 02 XXX XX XX will automatically show your Brussels number, 03 XXX XX XX will show your Antwerp number, etc. You could still use a code to override the default.

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