How can I avoid simultaneous outbound calls to the same cell phone nr? (, betamax)


I 've got a custom extension going to my cellphone, with this in the dialstring, local/[email protected] I 've added this extension to the necessary queues and all works fine.

Except, I get charged to much by internetcalls and they claim it’s due to simultaneous outbound calls. I changed quite some settings already, but it still seems to happen from time to time(not always).

I got these settings in my custom cell phone extension
Ring Time:default
Call Forward Ring Time: always (just changed this)
Outbound Concurrency Limit: 1 (it still happened after I changed this from unlimited to 1, which I totally don’t understand as I thought this was it)
Call Waiting: enable
Queue State Detection: ignore state

All the rest is default and voicemail is disabled.
Any pointers?

Many thx

BUMP, anyone? Still struggling this…

Especially this I don’t understand (from CDR log)

2012-06-06 18:17:21 1338999441.2707 Local 0476xxxxxx Dial 0498xxxxxx SIP ANSWERED 00:13
2012-06-06 18:17:21 1338999441.2705 Local 0476xxxxxx Busy 0486xxxxxx SIP BUSY 00:04
2012-06-06 18:17:20 1338999440.2703 Local 0476xxxxxx Dial 1001 Local ANSWERED 16:27

How can a call be answered by the same phone with 1 sec different?
As you see the nr 0498xxxxxx(=ext 1001)answers at 18:17:20 AND at 18:17:21
I see one time 1001 as destination and one time 0498xxxxxxx as destination, why is this? ext1001 = 0498xxxxxxx. Outbound concurrency of that extension is set to 1, but internetcalls still charges me double calls.

Is my gsm ext setup wrong? I used a custom extension with this in the dial string: local/[email protected]

I hope someone can bring some light here, this is bugging me for 3 weeks now.
Many thx

Ok…Local 1001 is the local custom extension number, the 0498…is the number of your cell phone, so they ARE NOT the same. A person dials 1001 which triggers dialing of the cell, which is external to the system so really 2 calls take place.

I guess what you’re asking is “why doesn’t my carrier recognize the cell phone is busy”. More than likely, it’s just the way your landline carrier and your cell carrier handle calls. I just did a quick test on my system. I called my cell phone from my office phone. Even though my cell phone was busy, (I had called the local time-temp number) the logs showed it as a completed call. That’s not an issue here, since I have unlimited local calls and my local call area is defined as pretty much the entire state of Mississippi except in the Memphis LATA and New Orleans/Mobile, AL LATA.

In the final analysis, SIP or other digital trunks like PRI as I have, along with Cell service just do not handle call progress the way a POTS to POTS conection did or does. In many cases simply dialing the number is treated as a completed call. Sometimes it’s done with a timer…you’re not billed for the first x number of seconds of a call, Just depends on the carrier.

Just make sure all call waiting is turned off, both on the asterisk side and the cell phone side, but I’m not sure there is anything that can be done.

Hi Bill,

Thx for your reply.
Yes, 2 calls, but 1001 is local and doesn’t even go out of the trunk, right? so I still don’t understand why I would make simultaneous calls, in my opinion only one call should go out of the trunk, especially when outbound concurrency limit is set to 1 for that extension. When a busy cell phone is called, nothing gets charged also here.

It’s just a transfered call that seems to open multiple dials somehow… (at least according to I already had call waiting disabled on both sites, cell phone & pbx.

The only solution I see now for the problem is configure multiple internetcalls trunks and limit all trunks to only 1 channel, but it’s a dirty solution, there must be a better way. Am I the only one using some cell phones as extensions? Or is this really an “ only” problem (which would surprise me as there are many betamax clones which probably all use the same billing solution)