How can I add a server based DND on Polycom VVX Series

I had incorrectly created a bug report here for a DND issue: but as it was pointed out it’s not a bug.

I did experiment with adding *76 to the softkeys and that works but then I would need to remove the default DND from the config and I am unsure how to actually do that. After searching further I see some discussions on handling this differently but admittedly I am a little lost so hoping someone could provide some guidance to me. Thanks

Is it possible to have these functions added to the End Point Manger or am I missing something here?

If you are using the newest firmware you can add


to your config file.

See here: Polycom forum

Thanks Moodinsk… I am experimenting with this now.

Using UC Software Version on the VVX 310 and FreePBX 12 with EPM I was able to add softkey.feature.doNotDisturb=“0” and that works but it doesn’t remove the MENU icon and functionality, so I tried adding:
but I can’t get it to add the entry

I finally got it :slight_smile: it was just me learning how to edit the baseline properly.