How can config OPUS codec parameters in freepbx distro?

as i know i should config default opus codec from /etc/asterisk/codecs.conf
but after installed latest freepbx distro i can not find codecs.conf file
how can i modify current opus parameters ?

you may check the codec from:
if there is no “box” for Opus, you have to wait for update.
maybe you can use editor from gui to edit the config file.

i already using last ISO and installed complete version, and already checked box
but i do not know from where can i edit configuration for OPUS codec
for example i need to enable FEC + VBR (variable bit rate) to avoid packet loss

any update guys ?

There is no codec module in freepbx. Instead do what James said and use the config editor module to edit the config for codecs.conf

there is no codecs.conf file exist in path /etc/asterisk
at same time asterisk pointed to edit its config from codecs.conf
so that i asked how to edit it?

Add the file and then edit it.

My distro didn’t have a codecs.conf either, so I created one an added the following. Any way to check if fec is actually enabled?


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Although not related 100% to this, after doing more testing no real codec option can handle 10% packet loss (using network link conditioner) other than iBLC with any respect. G729, G722, G726, G711, Opus (since I can’t enable the required FEC / packet loss options) all stink! If you’re on a lossy connection seems your only option is iBLC?

Hi all,

Anyone have any experience with this? Still doesn’t seem to be working for us…

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