How Call center manager can control the queue list of agents?

We have 3 queues: Customer Service, Sales and Wholesale.
Every agent have his own desk, they not switching places in the end of the shift, so the call center manager should have an access to change the list of agents in the queue every few hours (new shifts).

How can he do that?


Would logging in and out of the queue only work if you’re in devicesandusers mode? This may have no bearing on it, I’m not certain.

I have not used this but here is a script to show calls waiting in a queue.

I’m sure there are a lot of queue management tools because it seems like many call centers want to use asterisk.

I believe this can be done from the Queue GUI.
At least in 2.8 or 2.9.


Sorry I’m not sure I know what is the “Queue GUI”, Do you mean the queue configurations in the administrator panel? I don’t think the call center manager (not an IT/System guy) should have access to stuff that can ruin the system…

But maybe I didn’t understand why you meant.

Yes…that what I’m talking about. Using the administrator feature, you can allow someone to have access to only the que (or any other group of functions or function).

NEVER MIND…that won’t work!!!

You can log on or off a que from any phone…by using the regular que login,
nnnn* to login or nnnn** to logoff. When it asks for the extension number, just put the appropriate number in.

Now…there may be some 3rd party queue management tools out there. Just google and see what you come up with.