How backup & restore on freePBX

hi everyone,

i’m trying to test backup & restore freePBX ver 3.211 ; asterisk ver 11.4.0 via GUI on same machine but i have problem with process restore.
when i’m run restore file is always failed, the message of error is :
Error verifying uploaded file!

anyone have solutions ?

I have 2 systems with the same latest version 4.211.64-4, I got this errors when I try to restore or upload a backup file.
Any idea will be very appreciated

thank you

having the exact same issue, anyone have a fix?

SCP the backup file. Seems something in apache/php is corrupting the upload through the GUI of the backup file.

Web uploads are fraught with issues. Move the file with SCP so you have some error correction and feedback.

i moved file with WinSCP and I get

“Invalid backup for or undefined error” when selecting the copied file (permissions changed to 0777 with WinSCP)

both machines are Freepbx
both machines have Backup
both machines Asterisk 11.3.0

is this an acceptable procedure? I am downloading the .tgz file from primary Freepbx box using the web GUI, storing on my Windows machine, using WinSCP to transfer to the 2nd Freepbx’s backup directory. Then trying to Restore using the 2nd Freepbx’s web GUI.