How are *additional.conf files picked up by asterisk?

There is something wrong with my installation where asterisk doesn’t start after FreePBX was installed, seems some .conf files are not read, in particular extensions created by FreePBX are non- existent when asterisk tries to start.

Many Errors of the following are spit out before giving up:

ERROR[10145] app_voicemail_imap.c: Couldn’t find mailbox 1234 in context default

I see that FreePBX has created *additional.conf files but don’t #include referencing them in the main asterisk .conf files.

OS: Debian
Asterisk: 1.6.2
FreePBX: 2.7

Save yourself a lot of grief and trouble and install the FreePBX based PBX in a Flash distribution of Asterisk. You will have a solid base to work from with lots of support of other users who will have the identical platform as you. It is very difficult to troubleshoot a self compiled/installed asterisk PBX. You must have FreePBX, Flash Operator Panel, Asterisk, MySQL, Apache and Linux all talking together and it is NOT a trivial matter.

sounds good thanks


that won’t get you Debian (assuming that is what you wanted) but it will be much easier if all you want is a working system.

As far as your issue, my best guess is that FreePBX could not replace your extensions.conf file from your manual install. Try deleting it along with other primary files like sip.conf, iax.conf, features.conf (and I may be forgetting a few). These get linked down from the core module where they include many other files.

Yes Debian is the key factor, going to try a clean slate and be more methodical in my installation.
Thanks for the help

Did a fresh reinstall, fixed the asterisk restart problem but any sip extensions I create do not show up in the asterisk CLI i.e. “sip show peers” etc…

Followed your directions above, to delete the primary files but the additional.conf files do not get picked up I assume they require an include within the primary files?

Anyway thanks tadpole, little bit closer…

I also was trying to use the ASterisk debian package which seems had some extra debian things that was throwing FreePBX off

wanted to also thank lindheimer, your help was mostly appreciated

after removing extensions.conf, make sure to press the orange apply connfigurations bar as that is what runs the script that will do all the symlinks.

yup that was it

Beauty! that did it! thanks for the help

the sip channel driver “chan_sip” still doesn’t load automatically but I will figure that out.

Thanks again

restart asterisk, it’ll probably load this time, just didn’t have any sip conf files to help it the last time probably.