How add "*" to the end of telephone numbers?

In outbound routes i can prepend digits if a pattern successful match.
Please tell me how can i APPEND digits if a pattern successful match?
And can i make this in FreePBX or i have to create a custom trunk in a asterisk custom file?

P.S. Sorry for my English.

That would depend on whether you want to send the terminating # before or after the call was answered, generally # is needed only to signal dialed digit has finished on an “open ended” dialstring, What is your particular “use case”?

I am sorry, my mistake, I want to add “*” after telephon number, before call was answered.

why?, again, what is your “use case”

If i make call on client number with "", example 88002008002, then my phone provider changes visible incoming number on our official number.

Sorry, I don’t understand.