Hour-plus-long voicemails / CDR usage

Hi all,

We’ve had several occurrences of hour-plus-long voicemails being left for users on various systems. The most recent was on a FreePBX

In the Voicemail admin, there were no settings for maxmessage or maxsecs, either in the global or user-level. My understanding is the default is 5 minutes (300s).

I checked the CDR logs, where I could listen to the messages, and all of the offending callers were fax machines.

Why would asterisk be ignoring the max message length? I’ve manually set them to 300s to see if it makes a difference, but since this has happened on multiple installations, I’m a tad concerned.

Also, I can’t find a way to delete those recordings from the CDR. I can’t find them by the filename on the filesystem, which makes me believe they’re living in the database. Is that the case?



There is no default in 12 as far as I am aware. Only in 13 did freepbx write out the default 300.

The old max limit was ‘0’ (no limit) and as a matter of course, I’d change it to 300 (five minutes). The max limit on voicemail has been around for a long time - I used it on Asterisk 1.8. I get calls from the odd 800 numbers that are just running the same “please stay on the line and a rep will get back with you” for a full hour. The limit is still there on Asterisk 11 (I haven’t upgraded that machine yet - 16 bit) and is still working AFAIK.

Now, the thing I don’t remember is if there is a default limit (other than 0). It’s been eons since I had to mess with this.

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Okay, that explains it. Thanks, guys.

Now, how do I free up the space used by these voicemails in the CDR?

If you have access to the console, you can log in and head over to the voicemail directory tree and just delete them.

They aren’t there - at least not with the same filenames as in the CDR.

The file names in the CDR are the recording files in the “monitor” directory in the /var/spool/asterisk directory - the voicemail files are stored in the voicemail system tree. IIRC, the names on this files are something crazy like ‘1.wav’.

I don’t have access to a system with voicemail enabled right now, so I can’t point you at the exact file names, but I’m pretty sure they are in the /var/spool/asterisk tree somewhere, but I can’t say for sure.

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