Hoteling Phones

We have some hoteling offices which happen to have some VVX phones in them and are assigned extensions on freepbx 2.11.

When a remote users wants to make the hoteling office theirs for the day, is there a way to make that phone ring when their extension is dialed without going through the web interface.

For example: Phone has 5510 extension for line 1.
User is normally extension 5541.
User “logs on” to phone and puts their extension 5541 and password. When they are done they log off. I was thinking queues but not quite sure how to approach.

I do not want them to have to know administrative password for phone.


Look into using “device and user” mode.

Thank you. I forgot all about that.

When I login to phone as a user, it does not change the display to reflect the logged in user. Besides that it seems to work as it should. Is there a setting I need to make it display the logged in user/extension?
Thank you

That would be in your phone provisioning, the variable to use and some background hopefully in :-

I have tried using in line label
{$user_extension} - phone shows “none” when logged in.
{$display_name} - phone shows name of the device regardless of being logged in
{$username} - phone shows device #
Just cannot seem to get it to show anything regarding the logged in user.

You never know maybe tm1000 will be along sometime soon . . . .

Thanks dicko for your responses. tm1000 and advice?

Those variables you posted seem extremely old. As if you are on some ancient version of freepbx

Is there a list of variables for the latest Freepbx? That is what I am on. 2.11.
Maybe that also is why using that variable is not working.