Hotel/motel blocking calls between extensions


Intrinsically I pointed out the from-did-direct include, but building a custom context that only includes what the OP needs/wants is hopefully not really a brain-fu^%

apparently he needs

include => app-hotelwakeup


include => outbound-allroutes

and likely another that includes => “the operator”

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You’re making my head explode! Guess I got some learnin’ to do.


Hehe, kudos to you if you do that, enjoy the ride, you will definitely start to learn how Asteriosk works.

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Just so everyone knows, I plan to use Sangoma throughout on this one, except for the POE switch and the garbage analog phones. I figure it’ll be the easiest way and ultimately cheaper if I can realize time savings.


The problem with SIP telephony is that it combines Networking, SIP, and Telephony concepts. Making everything work perfectly together is very difficult, and a lot of people know enough to sort of make it work, which gives the tech a bad name.

Ensuring that your dial plan is correct is critical, but a lot of people just use the default, which often involves lengthy delays before calls go through, or the inability to dial certain numbers altogether.


While I would agree that getting the dialplan correct is a good thing, the fundamental underlying protection is the context that any dialplan is executed in,

dialplan show nnnn@context

will show what you want to happen.

dialplan show nnnn@

will show what really will really happen

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Yeah. I’ve been hit by dialplan issues before. Everyone said start small, with a trunk or two, and a few extensions. Not me. My very first was 53 phones, a PRI, a dozen analog trunks, and some SIP trunks. 56 hours over a weekend. Then, the tiny little issues hit over time, like dialplans. Yep, been there. That said, still plenty of stuff to learn. Make no mistake, I find this to be fun. It’s my escape, even though it’s work and it’s how I feed my family.

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I come from traditional telephony, in the carrier world as well as the business PBX world. Everything is expensive and limited. I’ve done Summa and DSC switches using SS7, and my specialty for many years now has been Panasonic PBXs. My first try at SIP carriers was on my own office Panasonic, and it went from there. And now FreePBX and hosted is helping me take care of more clients. It’s been a fun ride, and based on what I’m seeing, I’m just getting warmed up. So humble thanks to you guys for helping me here. It’s great to have a community that is willing to share the smarts.


Few will need this but ss7 still alive in dahdi.

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and in which file should I put this context?

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Easier way to do this. Just make the room extension complicated as hell. So maybe the motel’s main number with the room number at the end or something like that leaving a master copy with the front desk.

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No, doing it in the FXS gateways is the easiest. However, things have changed for hotels since this thread started so they all have to address and review their PBXes and how their dial patterns are done and what the PBX needs to present for 911 calls.


I use a slightly-modified Custom Context module in this situation, (as mentioned earlier by Dicko) and have six separate contexts that make my phones behave exactly as I want, including a lockdown context that disables nearly every feature, including inter-extension dialing, (used when we get groups of schoolkids) I hadn’t even considered deploying an Asterisk-based pbx until I discovered this module, years ago now.

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@JohnF It would be great if you could share here, for future Googlers :slight_smile:


The forum search results on this ̶f̶o̶r̶u̶m̶ topic are pretty antediluvian. On my ancient pbx, CC is available under Module Admin-Unsupported-Connectivity.
Its also available on Github. Usage: create a new context, setting desired Allow/Deny/Rules for each item, extensions, trunks, features etc. Then, in the Extension context box, select the one you just created instead of from-internal. That’s it. Essential imho if your pbx extensions are exposed to the “public”. I may do a blog post on this, as I wanted to attach a pic here, but can’t.

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Post biblical results are achieved by sorting by most recent …


Sorry, Lorne. Badly phrased.

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No apology is warranted, I was just pointing out a feature that may have been overlooked.

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Just using module Custom Context. You find mudule at :

And config like it :

or you can use format 1XX, 2XX,…
Then config rule for call local:

i hope it help