Guys ,
Is Sangoma model S206 support hotdesking feature ?

Thanks !

I would ask Sangoma directly to be sure. The documentation indicates that it is not supported.

Logout and Login-Sangoma s305, s400/s405, s500 & s705 - PBX GUI - Documentation (


Indeed ,
My mistake with those S206 - Will contact the vendor .

Thanks !

I am the S505 are no longer in used , the S500 is the new one
Have you heard the same ? Also if Yes - is this new one also support hotdesking feature ?
Please let me know .

Thanks !

It literally says in the link title above the S500 is supported.

The s505 is the newer model and yes it supports hotdesking.

Thank you - What i mean,do you know someone or you already worked with this model. The deal is on each model when you look the datasheet , you see they are all hotdesking support on the IP PBX Feature section , even for the s206 model that is in real not supporting hotdesking feature . So thank you , i will go ahead with the s505 model .

Thanks !

When it comes to confirmed support, I think you should reach out to the vendor, Sangoma for final confirmation. You can also ask why your document says s206 is supported, if it is not.

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