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I am about to build a small call center with freepbx - ip phone being in used are Sangoma P series, P320 specifically ,ip phones been provisioning by EPM via http . I ve been using queue agent on avaya cs1000 with avaya contact center where agent only need to put their login id to log into ip phone , here with Sangoma , using hotdesking is kind a different, agent have to put the user id (wich is the ext # , that s also mean agent cannot use this id on an another ip phone ) and a password (which is the vm pass if this has been set for the ext , and that s also mean agent cannot use this on an another ip phone as each extension has its own login details , so not able to use freeseating ) . Here is my point , iam wondering if there is a option simillar to avaya contact center where the agent is able to log into any phone with his login details, where calls will be routing into agent assing to queues and not extexion assing to queues .
I know i am trying to put avava method into freepbx sangoma , but i do know you guys always come up with good solution when guys like is missing a lot …

Look forward to your reply .

Thanks !

The P series hotdesking app will do this. The user is free to login to any phone using their hotdesking credential, not just their primary device.

Is this work for phone provisioning with http ?

P phones on FreePBX require DPMA provisioning.

Here is what i got from my EPM template page .

You have to setup a valid ssl certificate under the Certificate Management module and enable HTTPs provisioning under System Admin → Port Management.

And the first requirements is to get an external ip address , is that right ?

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