Hotdesking - after logout, can NOT log back in

PBXact system installed last year, hotdesk logging in and out has been working perfectly. After the typical logout, it would go back to the blank screen with login buttons, and accept a different(or same) user to log back in

Recently restored system onto a fresh install, and since then… When I logout from a phone, it returns to the blank screen with login buttons. When I next press Login, I get ‘user not specified’. I look in the endpoint manager and the MAC address of that phone is no longer listed as associated with any of the users or phones. If I use EPM and manually enter the MAC address to an extension, then i can use the login as expected. But then same thing, when i log out again the MAC is removed from the table and i cant login again

Upgrade Phone Apps: Phone Apps Login problems

Thanks, did that remotely, will try next time I’m on site

Still happening when I log out… I get logged out OK, the mac address is cleared from the EPM listing, and when i push the login button again I am getting “failed to load xml file!”
If I just reboot the phone, i come back to the blank screen with login buttons, but also get ‘failed to load XML file’

I had same issue im using DHCP option 62 I have agent switching locations i have setup a template in EMP module and made that as internal default template use phone app to log in and out it worked

Thank you

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