Hotdesk Question

All of our phones are on EPM. I have about half I need to setup for hotdesking, the other half not. From what I am gathering, the hotdesking setting in EPM is global and would require all phones to login/out. Am I missing anything? Phones are 75% S500 with phone apps, 25% GXP 2160 which Im trying to weed out. All phones requiring hotdesk are S500.

Hot Desking is only supported on Sangoma phones.

All you need to do to allow Hot Desking is setup a button on the phone to be Phone App called Login. Pressing that button will allow user to logout and then the screen will prompt with the login screen so new user can login.

I have several sites hot desking with Aastra sets. Some still use the old XML scripts and one uses restapps.We are in the process of migrating to the older sites to Freepbx and abandoning the old orphaned XML scripts in the process. All use Aastra 57i or 6737i sets.

I was unaware this was only supported on Sangoma phones. The login app existed before Sangoma phones. Was it unsupported back then? When did support for this function become supported on for Sangoma devices?

The login does exist for other phones but like all non Sangoma phones using phone apps they are at your own risk and we do not guarantee they will always work or keep working since those manufactures keep breaking things in the firmware that we have no control over.

Also with most other phones when you use the host desking the phone reboots on login and logout where sangoma phones all happen with no reboots including pushing changes to the phones.

Thank you Tony. I was under the impression the XML-API default login had to be set to YES globally in EPM, but I can just do it your way then that works for me.

I use Mitel/Aastra phones with the phone apps. Save yourself a lot of issues and get the Sangoma phones if you want to use the phone apps.
Even when you purchased the phone app module the support is not 100% for non Sangoma phones. The only reason you need to purchase phone apps is if you don’t have the Sangoma phones. The commercial modules should be supported, but after many years the phone apps for Mitel/Aastra phones still has issues.
Like the DND app not syncing with the DND feature code.

Login/Out or hotelling works for me on 686x telephones.