Hotdesk internal / external phones

Can you hotdesk a user that has both a internal and external phone? I have a sales person that has a phone at the office (Internal) and a phone at home (External). In endpoint if I specify a template for internal phones, then it will not work externally and vise versa. How do you set it up so he can log into his extension from either location and keep all the template and button settings the same, but just change the registration address from internal to external? Thanks!

There is a scheme where you can use PJ-SIP and put the sales person’s extension on two phones. Set the second (cell) phone up as a Misc Destination and give it an extension number to simplify your management. To extend this paradigm, you might also look into adding a “soft extension” to their cell phone (Voiper, LinPhone, etc.) so that their outbound calls appear to be coming from inside the company (and it doesn’t expose their personal cell phone number to your customers).

Actually both phones are Sangoma S705 phones. Its already PJ-SIP. I can and know how to make both phones appear as the same station, use alias and follow me, but I really don’t want both phones to be ringing at the same time all the time. I would rather log one out, and also there are times at the office someone else will need to log in at that location when he is not there. Hotdesk would work perfect, can I put in two entries into the endpoint manager for his station, but with two mac addresses and/or two templates?

Setup your template to use a FQDN and have your internal Network DNS in office resolve it to the internal IP and than when out of office it can resolve to the external IP.

Ok, finally getting to this. I have the global config external address a fqdn, and it resolves both externally and internally to the proper addresses. I have the template set to external (the fqdn) for both the user template and the default template. Internally it works, I can log in and out using the internal login, if I try to use the external login it gives me a “cannot load XML file” error after I enter the login info. Externally the phone gets to the login screen, but when I try the internal I get “Cannot load XML File” right away, and the external I can enter the user and password but then get the “Cannot load XML File” when I try to log in. Is there anyone that has this working?

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