Hot Desking / Login Issue

Hello All,

Working with 12.7.6-1910-1.sng7, using EPM and Sangoma S705 phones.
I have setup EPM to allow login, setup the test user with a password and extension.
Configured “allow access” for general in phone apps, went to other apps, and enabled login/logout access. Did set EPM allow login as well.

I can logout out of the phone, then press login, give it my extension and password, but it gives me extension or password is invalid.

I decided to verify that the user worked by logging into UCP with the same ext and password I tried on the phone, it logged in, so it’s a matter of me missing a step somewhere or some other magic answer.

I appreciate any help.


By default the phone app login uses the numeric voicemail pin to login. You can change auth by browsing to Admin, Phone Apps, Endpoint.

That was the missing link!
Thank you!

Should I no longer setup extensions with users names, emails etc, and only setup users with all that information?

I don’t understand the question.

Lets say I have a new phone on a new desk.
When I setup the phone I associate MAC and EPM info, but it asks for a display name, I wouldn’t type in a name like Bob’s Phone because at some point 3 different people will login to the phone.
I would also not put VM information there, or find me follow me so that it gets that from the user, would that be right?

Then I would create the 3 users.
I know I can also default a specific extension to that phone so when it reboots it’s that person.

You have three people sharing a single device with hotdesking, create 3 users and 3 extensions and set the primary linked extension for each. Same as if there are 3 separate devices.

I see what you are saying, so none of the additional VM settings and such within the user are important for that purpose and we can focus on the extension itself ad the required information.

I looked through some of the docs, but didn’t find something with a lot of detail, is there anything you can share with more info?

Thanks for your help!

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