Hosted PBX (with) remote phones (port 5060 UDP) (Solved: thanks dicko and lgatez)

Then you are fine :wink: , but just fire up sngrep and watch all the bogus sh!t you will need to cover with your firewall/fail2ban/IDS (sngrep looks at traffic prior to your ‘protections’). I also have a largish customer base, my network IDS monitoring is as busy as the whirlpool guy is and has been for many years .

Is your ssh server still running on 22 ?

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using default ports is the way to go.
Put your own firewalls in front, and you can drop traffic …
If you know what you are doing anyways.

We do not use 22 for SSH

Scanners WILL FIND your non-standard ports in under 2 hours.
You do know there are scanners looking 24/7/365

Put in a firewall to drop traffic.

Yes it is the the answer.
Use a series of firewalls to filter / drop traffic and you are fine.

Scanners will find your wonderful non-standard ports in a few hours or days, but you stick with your plan.

its not a bad way to go, but then using a firewall in front of standard ports is not bad either: both have good merits even if you disagree.

How are you dropping traffic at your firewall in front of FreePBX when your port forwarding port 5060 to freepbx?? Are you ONLY USING remote phones at sites that have static wan IP’s that your whitelisting and dropping everything else??? If thats the case your network is small and you don’t have a large road warrior base and work from home clientele with dynamic IP’s…

You keep saying filter/drop traffic at your firewall but provided zero explanation what/how your dropping traffic…

I never once said: we were port forwarding …

See: how fast you dove in to say I was incorrect.

We do not use port forwarding in front of a FPBX box.

There is no arguing with your confidence. Some will continue to disagree with you though.

A good firewall would have port-scanning rules that will cut that dead in very short order, do you have them ?, and there is yet another border control you might want to consider. TLS and enforced SNI with a TCP proxy is another concept that will completely hide your system in 2022

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Is it ok with you if we move ON and drop going on this back-fourth.

You have good ideas and points, but so do I.

Hang in there: and I have a new post about something maybe you could help me with. Thanks.

Its nice to hear from others: been a long time for me.

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