Hosted PBX, EndPoint Manager, DPMA, Digium D40

I have a PIAF system hosted on amazon that has been working wonderful with remote phones at over 30 locations. I have had no trouble registering, remote provisioning via HTTP and TFTP , but I have begun to test digium D40 phones and I can not get them to link up to DPMA module. My module appears to be working and I have added the license.

I am able to use the EPM to provision the phone with a user extension as I have with all other phones, but I am not able to make configuration changes via DPMA module. I get the error message that the phone has not yet contacted the server.

I am wanting to be able to use the DPMA to manage the digium phones after EPM has them contacting the server. I use DHCP option 66 to direct phones for auto provisioning. I understand why my phone is getting a specific configuration file based on its MAC address from the EPM, but how do I get it to contact the DPMA??? I would also like to test Hot desking, but I am unable to view available profiles. thank you.

The phone communicates with DPMA over SIP MESSAGE packets. So, it’s the same channel that would normally be used for SIP communications with Asterisk. Because it’s a hosted system, multicast won’t exist between the phone and the server, rather you’ll have to do some other action to manually point the phone at the server. When you do, you’ll see SIP MESSAGE packets from the phone into Asterisk (visible by turning on sip debug from the CLI).

Also, make sure you’re running a version of Asterisk that works with DPMA (13, 12, 11, 10-digiumphones (not recommended because 10’s dead), or 1.8-cert (not regular, mainline 1.8, and be careful as 1.8’s about to expire also).

Also, there are at least a couple of ALGs out there (hello Edgewater) that gobble SIP MESSAGE packets, making things unworkable if you’re trying to use the ALG/local registration feature of the Edgewater.

Finally, make sure your networks (DPMA-config networks, that is) that you’ve built for phones match what the phone should actually be using to contact the server.

…and…if you’ve previously used EPM to configure a phone, you’re going to want to factory default it before point it at DPMA. You can’t do both classic XML-provisioning (a la EPM) of the phone and DPMA provisioning of a phone, they’re exclusive.

I was able to get this to work finally. thank you for the help.

For anyone running into similar issues:

I used EPM to generate a MAC.cfg with

setting id=“config_server_url” value=“sip:[email protected]:5060”

I use DHCP option 66 to configure. My issue was that my SIP ALG was turned on in my router. Once disabled this worked immediately.

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Excellent, thank you for the information. I will document my progress and
re post. thank you.

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