Hosted FreePBX OpenVPN client access

Hello all. Been using hosted FreePBX platforms for a few years now and loving them so far. My question is this. I am looking to have an OpenVPN config where the clients can access each other, mainly Web GUI on phones. This is where I’m currently at…

OpenVPN running on hosted FreePBX @
Ext1 is @
Ext2 is @
PC with OpenVPN client is @

I have access to FreePBX from PC via VPN. All is good there
I have registered and fully functioning Grandstream phones Via OpenVPN

I want to be able to access the web GUI of the phones from the PC via the VPN.
So OpenVPN from log into the web GUI of Ext1 @

I have seen the client to client feature on the OpenVPN forums but wasnt sure if and how it could be used here, Any help appreciated. Thanks!

If you can access FreePBX through the VPN but not the phones, probably the OpenVPN server has the option to allow inter-clients communications deactivated. This option is called client-to-client. You need to turn that option on.

Yes thats what I’m seeing too. Any guides on how to do this?

Are you using the OpenVPN server included with sysadmin pro or have you installed a separate OpenVPN server?

This would be the one loaded with Sysadmin Pro.

You would need to check if that option is present on the GUI. If not, you need to ask Sangoma if that option can be hardcoded into a custom config file.

For occasional use, SSH port forwarding should allow access to the phone’s GUI.

For example (using Linux PC):
ssh -L 80:

While connected, open in your browser and you should see GUI for Ext1.

If PC is running Windows and using Putty, set up forwarding in SSH -> Tunnels.

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