Host won't accept dynamic

When I create my extension I first tried dynamic but my extensions would not show up as active. If I put in the server IP address then the extension will show up, however it will not register. I am brand new to freepbx so please be merciful.

any help with this matter

You provided no information to help you. We don’t know what software you are running, how it was installed, network topology, type of phones and how they were provisioned.

Clearly your phones are not registering.

Putting in static IP’s will insure it will never work right.

Centos 6.4 final freepbx 2.11 asterisk v11.6. Using AT&T phones and an Audio Codes MP118 gateway. Anything else that would be needed please let me know.

You gateway must be programmed wrong. Can you dump the config in text (like with a show run)?