Hookstate Zap/AIX2

I have both Zap (DAHDI) and AIX2 phones installed. All works fine except that Flash Panel don’t see the hookstate of any Zap. The AIX2 hookstate work fine.

Any settings I should look for in dahdi-channels.conf?

FreePBX Asterisk Dahdi 2.2.0

The FOP has not had any updates to it’s code since asterisk.org announced that it was making changes and switching from ZAP to DADHI.

I quickly searched the author’s site for the FOP and I didn’t see any comments about Dadhi at all (including a bug report that it needs to be updated to support it). He does check here on and off but you might get a faster response if you post a request on his site directly. see: http://www.asternic.org

I think it’s either FreePBX or DAHDI thing. I’ve downloaded Voix Manager and I see the same problem. No hookstate on any ZAP, AIX2 works fine. BTW the FOP I’m using is the one that came with FreePBX.

It is a FOP thing… and yet another reason it does not work for asterisk 1.6.x

I can tell you that the FOP works just fine when you are using versions less then 1.4.22. Because the FOP has to code to look for specific strings it was coded to look for ZAP and starting at 1.4.22 asterisk changed the name from ZAP to DADHI so it will not find it until the FOP code has been updated.

Go take a look at the file /var/www/html/panel/op_server.pl and you’ll see what I mean. You’ll find the references to zap but nothing for dadhi which started at 1.4.22 and above.

I’ve replaced zapdata.conf with dahdi-channels.conf in the script /var/lib/asterisk/bin/retreive_op_conf_from_mysql.pl and now I can see trunk ZAP asw well but still no hookstate.

Ok it’s working now.

Edit or make the file op_buttons_custom.cfg in /var/www/html/panel/
Add these lines to the file if you want Dahdi channel 1 to upper left corner etc.





In FOP there are 4 columns of 20 boxes each.
First column is position 1 to 20
Second column is position 21 to 40
Third column is position 31 to 80

FOP sorts the positions by extension number soy you have to match the DAHDI channel to the proper ext.