Holydays on Asterisk FreePBX

Hello everyone!
I have a ticket task for make holydays as target, so i cant do this with the Time Condition or Time Group
For example
3 July - Thuesday - working day
4 July - Wednesday - holyday
5 July - Thursday - working day
Holyday rules will work only 4 july

Could you guide me for it?

Why not? Create a time group that has a record of July 4th and the use a Time Condition which will go to the match destination if today is the 4th of July.

Use the calendar module. There you can either add the holidays or even connect to an online calendar.
Your inbound route has to start with your holiday calendar.

+1 to this.
tying this to a Google Calendar let us easily let staff control the Open/Close status of their departments without needing to give the unwashed masses direct FreePBX Access.

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Because…for example
If i have Time Condition as WORKTIME for whole July and i will add Time Condition TEMP-4-July-HOLYDAY
which will work? I cant understand )

Logically specific conditions can’t be ‘added’ to more general conditions, they would need to preempt such a condition.

If it is not the 4th of July, then it still might be in July, but not necessarily . . .

You have moving holidays in the US too, right?
So I would create a holiday calendar in freePBX by importing a US holiday file (e.g. holidays til 2035) first.
This would be the calendar for standard holiday greetings. Now you have to create an extra calendar for every holiday, you want a special greeting and put it in front (incoming route). If these are non-moving holidays, you can create time conditions (groups) too. After the standard calendar you put a time condition (group) with your weekly working hours.

And your recipe for Easter and all other orthodox or other holiday calendars until 2035 is?

Either remove all other holidays in the import file or create a easter holiday calendar manually…til 2035. This takes some time of course…but you only have to do it every 13 years :wink:

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