Holiday Schedule for Newbee's

I’m using Trixbox CE with FreePBX v2.8.0.4 and I’m very new to this linux IPPBX, and I’ve seen alot of people ask the same questions about a holiday module and I’ve not seen anything easy for me to use or figure out, I’ve seen some people say edit the extensions.conf which inside the file says not to edit. So does anyone have a easy solution for a new person trying to get this setup. Please help!

The easiest way is to just build a holiday time group & time condition that your inbound calls go to first before your open/closed time group & condition. But you can only set one day at a time.

Thanks I thought about that but didn’t know how to get it started!

I wrote a possible solution back in Dec-2010, not sure if it is the best solution since there was never any response, in the Forum’s search field enter ‘holiday greeting’

or try: