"Holiday Conditions"

How difficult would it be to create a new module for “holiday conditions” where one could create a time condition that uses criteria like “the 4th Thursday of November” or be able to auto-calculate Labor Day, etc.?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds annual reprogramming of holiday closings into time conditions to be tedious.


I have my system setup for all inbound routes going to a time condition called holiday then from that going into my normal working hours

then i just program the holiday condition that way it doesnt effect my normal working hours

Well, of course… I’m sure we’ve all had to do that for our programming.

My point is that the time groups can’t be programmed like “4th Thursday of the month” or other non-static-dates like President’s Day, Lee-Jackson Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Independence Day (observed), Election Day, etc.

Under the current method, all dates for time conditions must be (re)programmed every year for the coming year–something that seems silly when most other computer-based timing systems can handle at least things like “2nd Tuesday” or “Friday of the 3rd full week of the month” or “the business day following the 20th of the month”


Right yes that woube a good module

Or it can just be on a scheduled calendar. They have the calendar for 2020 already someone can just import the calendar and create a holiday Module! PLEASE!

Google has public calendars with holidays for every nation on the planet.

Implementing a module that reads it shouldn’t be that hard…

Right, let’s make it happen.