Hold timeout

A client has asked if its possible to increase a Hold timeout while the call is in transfer mode. If caller is held longer than a specific time, in transfer mode, it calls back to the originating extension, after hanging up with destination and before being transferred.

That would be something on your phone since the phone does the transfer.

We use the term “hold timeout” to mean something very specific, and it has nothing to do with transferring a call.

When you transfer a call, you don’t put the caller “on hold”, you actual start up a new call to the new extension. Don’t let the fact that the caller is hearing MOH, they are in a new call. In the current system, depending on how you perform that transfer, the call may be divorced from the original extension altogether.

Conceptually, when the new call is not answered, the new extension is responsible for deciding how to handle the call. The call can drop to voicemail, forward to Find Me/Follow Me, or be hung up.

This question comes up from time to time, but I don’t recall we’ve ever provided a definitive answer to how to make this happen. Manual ways to handle it include perform attended transfers instead of blind transfers, but that can be manpower intensive. You might have some luck searching through the forum search for “transfer ringback”, which is what most people call this.

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