Hold Timeout Return

In call parking you can configure a timeout destination or you can enable Come Back to Origin.

We have Sangoma S500 Phones, we do not want to use Park for all users.
Is there a way to setup (i assume on the phone level) a Hold timeout and it should start Ringing again. (Come Back to Origin) ?

Iv’e looked through EPM and the Phone settings, the only options related to Hold i found, is to enable or disable a Hold Tone after the amount of seconds you specify.


Can you not just set the permissions in User Manager to not allow access to the Park app for these users?

No that is not a feature the phones support at this time. I suggest opening a feature request at issues.freepbx.org under the phone project.

My question wasn’t about restricting access, i was asking about the Hold Timeout.

Thanks anyway.

Thank you. will do so.