Hold Music can not be changed, Speaking Clock and Voicemail cannot be escaped from the IVR

Hello, I’m running Freed PBX and I have the following issues as above:

–Hold Music Cannot be Changed–

At present, I cannot upload a track to my Linux box via the Free PBX GUI on my Windows Laptop. Both computers are on the same LAN. The upload image does not lead to a “successful” message once a track is chosen. I am trying to upload in MP3 as it is suggested that MP3 is acceptable (even though elsewhere it is suggested it is not). I have the same issue when I try to upload a WAV system recording, it just hangs (the dialogue can be escaped by clicking another link to another part of the system). I am, where it comes to WAV, following the system requirements for the file format.

–Speaking Clock–

I need to be able to make the speaking clock available to my mother who is visually impaired. I have made it accessible via an IVR menu which recognises Mum’s phone number and takes her straight there. She can press 2 to listen to the speaking clock, there’s nothing however that she can press to jump back to the IVR. The actually IVR menu number is naturally not announced.

–Group Voicemail (Comedian Mail?)Feature Code *98–

-Accessing from IVR-

I need to be able to make this accessible from the same IVR with the option to escape it, again I can’t escape it.

-Voicemail Blasting-

I have created blast voicemail forwarding for all 9 of my public IVR options with the intention of giving them all a unique, custom OGM voicemail.

However, My friend’s extension and my own are both subscribed to the blast voicemail and therefore we both get copies of the messages. I’d like to have the option to delete voicemails once i’ve listened to them and automatically delete the copy sent to her at the same time. I do not want to give my friend this “privilege” (within the test environment). The alternative would otherwise result in having to dial in to 9 individual voicemail boxes to check them.

-Voicemail alerts-

It would also be helpful if I could set up Asterisk to call me on my extension with my voicemails (taking into account any followme set up). Is this easily possible?

-and then for brownie points :-)-

I’m also looking for guidance in how to:

  1. Allow for a caller to specify a set of numbers (after being given an account number) by me

  2. For that to be checked against a list and then if a number is not listed, give them a second and a third chance and then forward through to an announcement that the account number is not recognised, and drop the call.

  3. Have a press * or # to bypass if they don’t have an account number.

I’ve been told that accessing the files from the command line can be disastrous and corrupt the system/cause problems with the Free GUI functioning properly. I’ve noticed in the past that when editing the files within a text editor (VIM and having operated it properly) the files seemed to disappear when I accessed them at a later date.

I’m guessing there is some custom coding needed here and some pointers on how to go about achieving this and resolving the tips above as a newbie programmer would be VERY much appreciated :slight_smile:

Since your reading this post, thank you very much for your time already :slight_smile:


–Things I have looked at–

I didn’t really understand this but I read it, you may think this is a disastrous way of sorting out the voicemail issue… any thoughts again gratefully received :slight_smile:


With the Account Number, I need to forward this through to the CLI prefix I receive so I see the Account Number provided otherwise i’d need to effectively ask twice, once through the system automatically, and then manually if it doesn’t flash up :slight_smile: