History Redial

Probably simple answer…have outbound call patterns set to 1NXXXXXXXXX for long distance and NXXXXXX (no need to dial 9). However when a long distance call comes in and the user wants to go to History to redial, the 1 is not there. At the local level, the area code shows up in the history. Consequently, the user must manually redial the number, both locally and long distance wise instead of just ‘sending’ the call. I am sure it is an adjustment to call patterns.

You need to prepend a 1, that way they won’t need to dial 1 manually cuz it’ll be added on the outbound route level.

See wiki: https://wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/Outbound+Routes+Module+User+Guide#OutboundRoutesModuleUserGuide-DialPatternsTab

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